Self perception can seem quite skewed if you take for face value what other people’s  views of you are. With a shrug of the shoulder suggesting inherent self-doubt, the reaction to being encouraged to start a blog (based on my admittedly limited literary skill) has been that of someone having the masses blow smoke up my ass. I am no Lawrence Sanders but then again I have plenty of ‘informed’ opinion on an array of subjects that can be jotted down without coming across as inane rumblings. Expect blogs on society, football, travel, photography and alot else that will muster enough interest to get me off my procrastinating ass and in front of a screen. Feedback will be appreciated as I make my bow into blogosphere. Obrigado

About the Author

Galimo Askumo
An explorer, an infomaniac and a hippie. I got tired of wanting to read detailed, long form articles on various topics that interest me so I decided to write about them. My username is an ode to the last two known members of my family tree which goes back 11 generations.

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  1. shiro

    Am so proud:-))

  2. Arnold

    big up ..don …a journey of 1000 miles starts with the 1st step!!1

  3. panoramicdon

    Thanks for the support guys. Quite encouraging to know there’s someone at the other end of the screen who will read what I write. Much appreciated

  4. oshinity

    way to go! it’s about time!

  5. aisha ak47

    cant wait for the next post and for all the posts on travel and photography 😉

  6. panoramicdon

    Alex, cheers man. Check out the new posts, sure to interest you.

  7. solo

    this is the incredible keep them coming

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