It feels like a few months ago when I was an intern with lots of free time and fast internet when I decided to start a blog. What started out as a random project is now four years old and I’m glad to report that the ink is not about to dry up anytime soon.

It has been a wonderful journey so far. There have been lots of highs and a few lows. I’m still struggling with consistency four years later. I’ll put that down to the exhaustive amount of research I have to do for every post published. I’m quite obsessed with details so I’ll dig through tons of paper and trawl the internet when working on an article. It becomes a bit difficult to post frequently. But that is a weak excuse and I need to put out more posts.

I’ll also confess that at times it can get frustrating running the blog, but this is more than balanced out by the effusive feedback I get from regular readers. That some of them are people I hold in high esteem encourages me to keep on keeping on when the going gets tough. I’ve met a number of them offline and the interactions have been quite beneficial.

It also feels rewarding when posts you did a few years back bring heavy traffic to the blog. It is now standard for the ‘Nairobi Geography’ post to bring in a lot of traffic whenever it rains heavily in the city. Having posts that maintain their relevance years later is something I strive for.

Going forward, I’d like to increase my output without compromising on quality. Suggestions on topics to write about are welcome. I’ve also thought of changing the name of the blog since PanoramicDon is not easy on the tongue. Suggestions for a new name are most welcome.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the regular readers of the blog, those who share posts on their social media accounts and those whose words have encouraged me to continue writing.

To the new readers of the blog, karibuni and I hope you’re enjoying it so far. Here’s to another year of history, travel, astronomy, geography and all else that PanoramicDon is about. Another year of little secret excitements for willing minds. Peace.

About the Author

Galimo Askumo
An explorer, an infomaniac and a hippie. I got tired of wanting to read detailed, long form articles on various topics that interest me so I decided to write about them. My username is an ode to the last two known members of my family tree which goes back 11 generations.

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  1. Sean

    I’ve been reading up on astral phenomenon, and I think you should do a post on some of the wondrous events happening in the cosmos i.e solar flares, the Northern lights that kinda thing.

    Keep it up!
    Viva Panoramicdon or whatever new name ye may bestow it.


    • Don Pablo

      I will look at that, Sean. The Northern lights fascinate me. Thanks for the support

  2. Solo

    Well to be honest i don’t read a lot of blogs and for some funny reason i get glued to yours. You have detailed articles which are really interesting, informative, eye opener and for sure it keeps me craving for more n more. Looking forward to more intriguing articles.

    • Don Pablo

      Good to know you find the articles informative Solo. You’ve been around since day one. Shukran for the continued support

      • Solo

        Welcome bro keep em coming. Ive missed your sports articles hope we shall be expecting one soon

        • Don Pablo

          Haha Solo. I’ve neglected my Sports people. I should be writing one next week on Man United and the season ahead.

  3. Oshin

    4? Already? Time flies! Happy belated? 🙂 You are a captivating yet level no-nonsense writer. Love it!

    • Don Pablo

      It does! Thanks for the the support from day 1

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