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An explorer, an infomaniac and a hippie. I got tired of wanting to read detailed, long form articles on various topics that interest me so I decided to write about them. My username is an ode to the last two known members of my family tree which goes back 11 generations.

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  1. Albert Brasileano

    this will not be a once in a lifetime experience, Rio I will be back…sob!sob!

    • panoramicdon

      Inshallah a return trip is definitely on the agenda. One day.

  2. Arnold

    Pictures are really more than a thousand words….beautiful !!!!Obrigado

    • Solo

      True true arno cnt have said it better

      • panoramicdon

        Thanks guys. I’m looking forward to checking out these photos in the future from a point of nostalgia and longing to go back in time, something I like doing.

  3. caliph

    yes that’s what I was talking about, you need to blow them up then frame them and we ll be hawking them for upto a 100 gs..hehe nice!
    HI-DEF Pics though.

  4. caliph

    just downloaded that cristo Redentor pic,3.5MBs??? wow, no carnival pics though haha,and where are the Brazilian Fabiolas playing beach ball &scantily clad? we want more.

    • panoramicdon

      Caliph, asante bro. I see my pics in the street and I’m suing you for every cent you’ve got 😛 Was trying to avoid putting up photos I already uploaded on my facebook. There’s a carnival one, chica in huge peacock-like clothing.

  5. Aisha

    Simply breathtaking. How then is it classified as 3rd world?

    • panoramicdon

      Can’t choose a favorite. If pushed, I’d go for the 1st column, sixth pic where it seems guys are ‘walking’ in the skies. Looks surreal. Copacabana by night (3rd column, 2nd pic) and all vantage point ones are equally outstanding.

    • panoramicdon

      Just like the post Dutch, words don’t do justice to the beauty. Thanks for the support bro

  6. Loso blue

    It luks beautiful.u must have enjoyd was thea a brazil fest o samthng?

  7. panoramicdon

    Loso, had the time of my life. Brazil fest how?

  8. Lynesther

    I would have loved to see the forest in the animation RIO………..all the same…this is just pure beauty and allure

    • panoramicdon

      Esther, apparently Rio has the highest forest cover of all the major world cities. Truly a beauty

  9. Joe


  10. Nimo Don Pablo

    I love the way the heli looks so tiny when near the Redeemer statue,I love the stadium photo, you can feel the energy from that place. The daquiri drinks joint(which I saw on Amazing Race), the beach at night, the peacock lady-Carnival. SENSATIONAL!! These are places we only get to see on Tv , thanks for bringing Rio closer to us.


    • panoramicdon

      Nimo, knew you’d appreciate the visuals. Gracias baby

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