Agony for reds..might not last long

It’s two days after the derby. The feeling of disgust has subsided enough for me to jot down a few words on Man United. I can think clearly now the shit storm is over. I know the last thing y’all wanna read now is anything United related but bear with me.

An interesting feature of this season’s title race has been the handing over of the initiative by each Manchester side once on the ascendancy. At some point early in 2012, City all but looked assured of winning their first title in 40-odd years after establishing a healthy lead. As April approached, the jitters of leading the title race got the better of City to a point of implosion. United, having hauled back the bitters and established an eight point lead at the top of the table were going to defend their title. Or so it seemed.

The eight point lead United had over City in mid-April vanished as quickly as the time it took for them to establish that lead. Having dropped just two points since the turn of the year, United dropped points in three succesive games culminating in City’s return to the top of the table. For a team that had such consistency, the sudden desertion of United’s famed resolve was unimaginable. It seemed the hot seat was too hot to handle.

And now we have City back at the top with two games to go. Only the most hopelessly optimistic reds think that the title race is not over yet. The blue confetti has been thrown all around and obituaries in red fill the sports pages. But don’t pop the champagne yet. If the take-and-give that has been happening at the top is anything to go by, the last chapter of this race might not have been written yet. And what an ending we might be in store for.

City face Newcastle away in their next game followed by QPR at home. Newcastle are still in the race for the coveted champions league places and have an impregnable record at home. Reds will no doubt remember the 3-0 drubbing we got at the Sports Direct Arena, arguably our worst performance this season. This game has the potential to be a title decider in more ways than the derby itself. So to is the QPR match. As Wigan have shown, facing a relegation bound team at this stage of the season is one of the most difficult games you can ask for.

The point of all this is that the number one spot has been a poisoned chalice up to this point with both teams losing their radars as soon as they get to the top. For now, all United fans can do is squeeze our bums, what Fergie famously alluded to but the press reported it as ‘squeakybumtime’ due to his heavy Govan accent. As it has repeatedly proven so far this season, its not over till the fat lady sings. With City being City, anything is possible. So for one last time, BELIEVE!


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  1. Remy's Dad

    my friend from long time u have to consider that you also have two difficult games too, hosting a talented swansea fc then a difficult away trip to sunderland! this title is for the one that will win the remaining two fixtures…its a wait n see thing now.

    • panoramicdon

      Well, the whole article was based on the presumption that we will win both our games. I believe we will do so

  2. solo

    BELIEVE good read and all the best bro

    • panoramicdon

      Thats the spirit Solo, Believe! Thanks, hopefully both United and I will win 😀

  3. losomanutd

    poor play against a well talented team

  4. losomanutd

    o rather poor performance from our players didnt go down fighting not a single shot on target so un-united

    • panoramicdon

      Not just this game Loso, almost all big games we have played lately we’ve not created much. Will count for little though if we manage to win the league

  5. Andrew langat

    The next coming days will be nerve wrecking for us Manu fans!

    • panoramicdon

      Nerve wrecking is an understatement. This is hell

  6. Aisha

    #teamchelsea 😀

  7. Arnold

    U only worry when destiny is in your own hands …when its not all you have to do is hope for the best . They way Man u played -thats not the way to play knowing whats at stake !!! Man city will know adopt yaya Toure in the hole behing Aguero once/if they take the lead in any of the remaining two games . for man u , it wasnt broken and they tried to fix it !You cant criticize a managre when players refuse to show up

    • panoramicdon

      Spoken like a true veteran Arno, not much to do but hope. Let’s see how it goes.

  8. Nnaemeka

    Moha, why don’t write an article about United’s philosophy? As much as I detest Barca, with their diving and prima donn-ishness, I admire the fact that they have, recently, always stuck to one philosophy. What annoyed me two nights ago was that we played with that away mentality, changing a well working system (with Tony V) for a pragmatic one, on paper. It was not until we reverted back to 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 that we started to put pressure on City, who had at that point brought in the Warden, De Jong. Yes, we’re vulnerable to counters that way, but with the injury to Vida, our best defence has been relentless attacking. We should have continued that that night.

    • panoramicdon

      Fergie played not to lose and that gave City confidence. I admit I vouched for a three man mid too and in hindsight, it wasn’t the best system. It wasn’t fair to expect the players to discard the system they’ve been using for more than a year and still win against quality opposition. I will write on our philosophy soon, if at all we have one.

  9. Joram

    Manutd in my opinion have thrown away the league… all they can do is score as many goals as possible and hope the goal difference beats city as im almost 200% sure the noisy neighbours will win their games… although it will surely suck to see Nasri lift the trophy F%*&@ a&T#Q

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