Three Years Later..

Today marks three years since PanoramicDon was launched. The blog started out as a predominantly sports blog and achieved a modicum of success with nomination for ‘Best Sports Blog’ award at the inaugural Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Awards. My obsession with sports in general and Man United in particular meant that the blog’s audience was quite limited and informed the decision to branch out to my other areas of interest. PanoramicDon thus morphed into a blog that caters to most of my interests ranging from photography, history & astronomy to travel & civics.

The blog has provided a useful outlet to share my wide-angled perspective of the world across different eras and areas through non-fiction writing. It has been an interesting journey so far where I have been able to re-connect with old friends and meet new ones. There have been highlights such as getting published in the Daily Nation and getting a few writing gigs here and there. I’ve also learned a lot through research that goes into a published piece. Most importantly, I’ve got a great canvas to share what I consider interesting factual information that doesn’t get much coverage elsewhere with many people and open all this mathogothanio to critique. All this serves to prepare me for what I hope will be a future career in content creation through different platforms from print to audio-visual.

There have also been challenges like getting over procrastination and maintaining consistency but by and large, it has been a great experience. Gratitude goes out to those who have consistently supported the blog since inception including Karis, Solo, Oshin, 89_59, Muchiri, Sean, Khalif, MoP751, Ian_Vuvu, Castro, Kongin, QulshTM, Nnaemeka, Malcolm, Njeri, Raz and the rest of the crew (sorry if I forgot anyone). You’ve all been very supportive and gave me encouragement to continue writing.

I’d also like to thank Chao of @TheeAgora for pushing me to take the blog to the next level. The new design & structure of the blog plus the move from a wordpress to a self-hosted site was initiated and executed by the great mind that is Chao. Check out her awesome website where she blogs on history, culture and the arts at

E-card received from

E-card received from

Moving forward, some new categories will be added to the blog with ‘Geography’ looking the most likely candidate to join the list. If you enjoy reading the blog, please share feedback and let your friends know about PanoramicDon. Here’s to hopefully many more years of little secret excitements for willing minds.

About the Author

Galimo Askumo
An explorer, an infomaniac and a hippie. I got tired of wanting to read detailed, long form articles on various topics that interest me so I decided to write about them. My username is an ode to the last two known members of my family tree which goes back 11 generations.

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  1. Raz

    Congratulations Don! Its been a journey worth every read. Great job so far. Looking forward to decades of knowledge and wisdom IA. God bless!

    • Don Pablo

      Shukran brother for the continued support. IA will keep on keeping on.

  2. solo

    I would honestly like to congratulate you for having gone to great lengths to entertain us with your writing which truly is magnificent, informative and exciting to read and i always look forward to reading the next masterpiece. I remember back in the days when we sat at njish’s place and you would always insist you will be a writter someday… guess what here you go. Mabrook n keep them coming coz you have followers.

    • Don Pablo

      I’m humbled by your kind words Solo. Glad that I’m able to share informative pieces and that y’all actually get to enjoy the pieces. Been a long journey from those days at Njish to where we are now. I get encouragement to write knowing I have a number of guaranteed readers, you being at the top of the list. Really grateful for the continued support you have shown throughout the existence of the blog. Obrigado

  3. Chao

    Congrats Moha and thanks too for the wonderful compliments, honoured to have designed it. Wishing you all the best as you continue writing brilliant, thought provoking pieces. Learnt alot, looking forward to learning some more. Here’s to many more years.. Be blessed

    • Don Pablo

      You’re welcome Chao. Happy to have you as a reader. Stick around for some more posts. Cheers

  4. loso

    It’s been 3 years boss, time really flies
    one thing I do love about this blog is the scope of topics which you discuss and the simplicity with which you address them.
    Thank you for that

    • Don Pablo

      Time does fly indeed Jose. Great to have you around throughout the three years and the consistent feedback to almost every post. Can be a bit deflating to write a post and get no comments but I’m guaranteed at least two replies from you and Solo with every post. Really appreciate that.

  5. Sean

    Glad to be of service.
    Kudos remains to you for all the effort and good work, and also diversifying from our beloved sport and team.
    Speaking of which, seems to be doing much better than it has for a year. TOP 4 BREACHED.
    Happy anniversary.

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